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At DLB, we have a rich history of making smart investments across the world. Learn more about our experience below.

Past Investments

Harvest Technology
We converted Harvest Technology from a pre-paid mobile phone card company to an e-payments company with a leading share in pre-paid mobile phone cards and micro-merchant e-payment outlets. It was then sold to a private investment group for a multiple of our investment.

Washington United Life Assurance Company
We acquired a majority interest of this company as it was in receivership. We restructured it and sold it five years later.

Chongqing Apartment Real Estate Investment
This represented an opportunistic investment for us, and it was sold at 40% IRR (Internal Rate of Return) two years later.

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Current Investments

HighTower Logo

HighTower Advisors was formed in 2008 to create a new alternative for high-net-worth financial advisors. It now has over 45 teams and over $50 billion in assets.

HighTower is an elite community of independent-minded financial advisors you can trust. All HighTower advisors are fiduciaries, meaning they have a legal obligation to act in the client's best interests. Our advisors provide financial advice with a soul, getting to know the families they serve in order to help build better lifestyles, achieve specific goals, and create long-term stewards of wealth. By combining radical transparency, integrity, and sophistication, we are reshaping the financial services industry from the inside out. They boast:

  • 87 Advisor Teams
  • 190 Financial Advisors
  • 32 States Represented
  • 600 Total Staff
China Rapid Finance Logo

China Rapid Finance operates a leading online consumer finance marketplace in China, facilitating millions of loans annually. The company deploys machine learning and proprietary decisioning technology to facilitate affordable digital credit for one of the world's largest untapped consumer credit markets—China's 500 million emerging mobile-active consumers. China Rapid Finance operates a pure play marketplace and does not take credit risk. The company utilizes its proprietary, mobile-first technology to select creditworthy consumers for its platform efficiently. China Rapid Finance facilitates smaller, shorter-term initial loans to these qualified consumers and then enables larger, longer-term loans for repeat borrowers who demonstrate positive credit behavior. This differentiated strategy positions the platform to attract and retain high-quality consumers who generate significant customer lifetime value. China Rapid Finance was founded by Dr. Zane Wang, who has decades of consumer credit experience in the U.S. and China and is governed by a global board of directors.