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Venture Capital

Venture Capital Specialists

At DLB, we have a great deal of knowledge relating to global financial services. We've operated in virtually every market around the world and understand the trends and pitfalls within markets and businesses. Contact us today and leverage the experience we've gained by advising some of the largest financial companies around the world.

Venture Capital for Start-Ups

By applying experience and rigorous criteria for potential investments, DLB Capital has taken advantage of opportunities in underserved markets. We actively manage different investments throughout the world, ranging from growth equity investments and operational turnarounds to real estate ventures and start-up companies. We are also continuously working alongside management in our companies in the US and China to help build value and shape their strategic direction.

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While we focus on the financial services, we also maintain an opportunistic position and are willing to explore other intriguing investment opportunities. Our portfolio spans many aspects of the financial services industry and beyond, including annuity insurance, credit finance, stored value cards, asset management, and real estate. The companies that we're interested in come to us in three phases:

1) During the formation of their business plan.
2) After raising its first round of financing.
3) Seeking growth capital and management expertise.